OTTAWA — Fancy data analytics may have transformed political campaigns, but the most important feature remains the army of volunteers who go door to door, gleaning much of the information on voters that goes into a party’s central data base.

Here’s a look at how the Liberal party’s volunteer army has been mobilized in advance of the federal election scheduled for Oct. 19.

Number of doors knocked: 1.4 million since last October.

Number of volunteer canvassers: 20,000 signed up since last July.

Number of national canvassing “days of action”: 3 plus one weekend of action, in which more than 200,000 doors were knocked on — the largest canvass outside an election campaign in the party’s history.

Number of ridings where local campaigns have contacted more than 1,000 voters, at the door or on the phone since Jan. 1: 143

Number of community team leaders marshalling volunteer armies: 417


The Canadian Press