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Fort St. John Development Services given “strong C+, B-” in external review

Action noted that while there were a number of things that Development Services can improve upon, overall the department is decently run.

“While it looks like there’s a lot of issues in here, none of them are really severe or tragic,” he said. By and large if I had to give you guys a grade rating it’s a strong C+, B-. There’s areas that can be improved but overall you’re in good shape.”

Some of the areas that were singled out as needing some improvement was the application process. Feedback indicated that the application process isn’t clear, and there isn’t much in the way of supporting documentation for new developers that come into Fort St. John.

Records management was also recognized as not being good, however Acton said that the City is not alone in that issue. He said it does create the potential of exposing the City to litigation if data for a subdivision is missing.

A number of suggestions were presented to have Development Services run smoother. Among the points brought up were improving the application process by offering one window service, online applications and fee payments. Accelerating engineering information requests, and establishing writing and process documentation standards were also highlighted.

Council will discuss the presentation, and any potential courses of action at a to be determined Committee of the Whole meeting.

The review in its entirety can be viewed below.

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