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Ways to improve things for pedestrians was reviewed. A need to improve the comfort of those utilizing City sidewalks by adding boulevards, lighting, or trees was among the suggestions.

“Looking at some of the busier roads we’d like to see more of a boulevard that actually separates the side walk from traffic,” said James Donnelly of Urban Systems. “That’s a comfort and safety thing, as well as it does provide for some space for some other amenities whether it be street lighting, utilities, or planting street trees that make walking more desirable and comfortable.”

The addition of a three metre wide multi-use trail along 105 Avenue was an idea presented. The trail would be separated by a boulevard and there would be parking on each side along with a traffic lane for each direction of travel. A side walk would be on the opposite side, also with a boulevard.  It was stated in the idea that the parking on each side would be of particular importance as it would prevent the street from being used by vehicles travelling at a high rate of speed, and ruining the experience for pedestrians.

Overall 15 potential projects were brought to Council. Other ideas discussed were widening 100 Street to four lanes from 110 Avenue to 119 Avenue, various intersection improvements, and a bike route on 85 Avenue.

The Transportation Master Plan, along with the suggested projects and price tag can be viewed in the attachment provided.

Below is a copy of the full presentation.

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