I had a great day in the sunshine today in the North Peace and got to visit a lot of very different events. I visited the Charlie Lake Pitch In Clean Up (picked up some garbage), and learned about the Peace Bat Conservation Project while they were giving away bat boxes for bats to live in, while they study the bat population in the north over the next 5 years. I then got the pleasure of hanging out with the amazing people running the M&M Grand Re-opening Charity BBQ where they donated all the proceeds to the SPCA; where I saw a dog eat a burger for the first time ever-it was great. And finally I headed down to the Northern Lights Raceway, where I watched some of the incredible races and talked to the drivers in the pit area.

The Drag Races continue tomorrow morning ($5 per person for a day pass)-as well Pitch-In week kicks off tomorrow at 2pm at City Hall. Where you can take part in the 20 minute tidy around the city buildings.

If you have an event you’d like me to attend shoot me an email at: cruiser@moosefm.ca