City communication coordinator Julie Rogers says the bear was later reported to have scurried off into the nearby walking trail.

“Crews are heading out there right now to put up some temporary signs to let people know there’s bears spotted in the area,” Rogers explains. “But the city is looking at producing some permanent signs.”

The bear was spotted at Northern Lights College on May 7, 2015 around 10:00 a.m.

Rogers says being located in such a northern part of B.C., wildlife encounters can become just another part of day-to-day activities.

“This isn’t unusual,” says Rogers. “We have nature wandering through our neighbourhood all the time and it can be frightening for people – there is always a danger with bears.”

“You are going to see a bear at some point – maybe not today, but it’s a fact of life – we are surrounded by nature.”

She says community members can do their part in reducing urban interactions with bears and other wildlife by doing things like picking up fruit that has fallen from a fruit tree, keeping your compost box and garbage bin secure, as well as not taking it out to the curb too early.

“Just be aware of it,” says Rogers. “Whatever you have out on your yard – have a look at it…and secure it.”

Any bear sighting that poses a risk to public safety can be directed to the 24/7 conservation officer hotline at 1 877 952 7277.

Follow this link for helpful tips regarding interactions with bears, published by the Get Smart Bear Society.