Saturday afternoon at approximately 3 p.m a helicopter from ESRD rejoined the search for Craig Drysdale who went missing late Thursday night. Within a few minutes of commencing the aerial search, the command post was notified that the ESRD helicopter located Drysdale on the banks of the Wapiti River. ESRD were able to land and pick him up.

Drysdale was transported back to the command post staging area where he was assessed by medical professionals with Grande Prairie’s Technical Search and Rescue. Drysdale was in good health and good spirits.

Drysdale has told police that after he got separated from his group, he began to backtrack. His quad became disabled and he continued on foot. He crossed some train tracks and began walking along the trail they had taken earlier in the day that would have lead back to his truck. However, at some point he felt “it didn’t feel right”, so he turned around and went in the opposite direction.

For the first night he lit a small fire in a densely treed area. In the morning he began walking until he came across the Wapiti River. He then spent the next day and a half walking along the river bank. Last night he came across a trapper’s cabin where he spent the night, dried his clothes, and survived on a can of chicken noodle soup that he found in the cabin.

This morning he continued walking along the river bank until he was found by the searching helicopter.