These intersections include 86 Street and 93 Avenue; 93 Avenue and 100 Street; 96 Street and 93 Avenue; as well as 96 Street and 100 Avenue.

City road superintendent Jeremy Garner says these intersections were identified as high risk with the help of ICBC.

“We get information from ICBC every year and we look at the number of incidents that happen at that particular intersection, and they get identified as higher risk than other intersections, and then we look at plans to improve that,” explains Garner. “So whether that’s installation of additional lights or extra lanes – there are all sorts of things that can be done.”

He says these improvements are only the beginning as locals can expect more advanced lights and pedestrian crosswalks in the near-future.

Garner says as the warm weather approaches, drivers should be exercising extra caution to do their part in keeping the streets safe.

“You’ll see a lot more cyclists this time of the year and motorcyclists – that sort of stuff, and pedestrians will be out,” Garner goes on to say. “It’s a young town, there’s lots of baby and strollers so keep that in mind too when you’re out and about.”