Fort St. John municipal tax rate decreases in 2015

When it comes to the tax rate of homeowners, Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman says that is based on how each residential property fared in the latest B.C. Assessment.

“If you own a home that has decreased in assessment than your taxes will drop,” explains Mayor Ackerman. “If you own a home that stayed neutral than your taxes will drop. If your home increased in value, depending on how much it increased, your taxes could increase.”

Meanwhile, the Peace River Regional District tax requisition increased by about 24 per cent compared to 2014, according to Director of Finance Mike Roy.

Roy says this is in part due to Fort St. John’s assessment being one of the largest – resulting in the district picking up its share of the cost.

The province however has yet to release the school tax rate for the year, so a 2014 comparison of total tax rates can not be completed at this point.

The tax rate bylaw will now go back to City Council at a later meeting for adoption, and once the school tax rate is received from the province, the tax bills will be generated.

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