The boundaries of NRIPC correspond to the boundaries of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality.

“The NRIPC’s goal is to prevent further degradation of ecosystems by invasive plants and to rehabilitate ecosystems that have been degraded by invasive plants within northeast B.C.,” writes co-chair of the committee Katherine Capot-Blanc.

Responsibilities include the implementation of the NRIPC strategic plan and integration of awareness, partner recruiting, site reporting, planning, inventory, treatment of invasive plants and reporting.

“The coordinator will also insure efficient and effective administration and coordination of invasive plant management programs, crews and contracts including the NRIPC inventory and treatment contract and crews fielded by NRIPC partners and other stakeholders.”

You’ll also assist with the NRIPC Steering Committee and Invasive Plant Council of B.C. as required.

Qualified candidates are asked to have strong communication and organizational skills.

If you’re interested, contact Capot-Blanc at 250 774 6313 or email