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Survey helping to shape the future of North Peace Regional Airport

“It takes about seven to 10 minutes and we’re looking for folks’ input on the travel experience in the last three months,” says the airport’s Managing Director Mike Whalley. “The survey itself is to support a planning and development process we’re in right now.”

This planning and development process, according to Whalley, will create a roadmap indicating where the needs are for improved services as traffic increases, such as an expanded terminal or an enhanced baggage process.

“We’ve got new seating that just arrived this week that the maintenance team is working to get assembled so we can get it brought into the terminal building to improve that aspect,” Whalley goes on to explain. “We’ve been working with the café operator to try to make some improvements there so that overall, we can provide a little bit more of a comfortable facility as we’re going through this development stage.”

“The survey provides us with some guidance and input from the community as to what they see being the needs”

Whalley says the airport was initially built to support roughly 100,000 to 150,000 passengers annually, but last year that number climbed to 253,000.

“Even with slowdown and the reduced oil prices, our traffic over last year is up 13.5 per cent – that’s a little uncommon considering what’s happening globally right now,” Whalley explains of the airport’s attractiveness to new, potentially ultra-low cost carriers.

He warns however that so far, he’s only been engaging in “high-level conversations” with these carriers.

“We’re looking at near June or July of having deliverable from the planning and development project that’s currently underway.”

You can fill out the online survey by following this link.

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