What you need to know about the new Off Road Vehicle Act

It is being implemented in stages and voluntary registration started back in November with the one-time fee set at $48.00.

For the most part, the act applies to only crown land, including resource roads on crown land – meaning private land is exempt.

Owners and operators should be aware that there are some exceptions where private lands may be designated under regulation and could include, at the request of local governments, greenbelts or regional and municipal parks.

The intent of the modernized registration scheme is to help law enforcement officers better identify irresponsible ORV operators who endanger others, harm animals, and damage the environment, as well as tracking stolen vehicles.

Registration is also intended to assist search and rescue teams who locate a vehicle abandoned by a lost or injured rider.

The new off-road vehicular number plate will be available for display on ORV’s during operation on crown land or for incidental highway use and operation.

Highway operations for snowmobiles identified in Motor Vehicle Act regulations have already been extended to allow for any type of ORV on a highway.

However those requirements still limit use and operation to incidental travel directly across a highway, at a controlling crossing, carrier vehicle loading or unloading in a parking lot, or travel on a highway where local police have authorized use within operation permit limits.

The registration and associated off road vehicle number plate allows for travel on Forest Service Roads, but operation on those roads also requires a minimum of $200,000 in third party liability insurance and the appropriate class of driver’s licence.

The toll free number for more ICBC vehicle registration and licensing information is 1 800 663 3051.

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