TORONTO — A death-defying raccoon is causing a sensation in Toronto for its long climb up a towering downtown skyscaper.

Social media is lighting up with a photo of the furry adventurer peering from between the metallic rungs of a crane about 58 storeys high.

The photo was snapped by a Toronto crane operator who has a popular Twitter stream that showcases photos of the city from high above.

Known as RobMac on Twitter, he says it’s not the first time he’s seen evidence of raccoons high on the crane.

One jokester tweeted that the raccoons are now coming after the jobs of Torontonians, not just their garbage.

RobMac estimates the raccoon climbed about 213 metres to its destination overnight.

The masked critter calmly climbed back down the crane this morning after he yelled at it to leave, he says.

Torontonians are vexed by raccoons. Mayor John Tory recently unveiled new green bins aimed at deterring the wily and dexterous marauders from breaking into the containers.

Defeat is not an option, Tory said.

The Canadian Press