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Minor hockey players recognized at FSJMHA awards night

Tuesday night minor hockey players from various Fort St. John hockey teams gathered at the North Peace Cultural Centre for the annual Fort St. John Minor Hockey Association awards. The following awards were distributed to various young hockey players for their dedication on and off the ice:

Ron Robinson Award – Pre Novice

Awarded by FSJMHA to recognize the years of service by Ron Robinson as a coach and a member of the executive. This is presented to a Pre Novice player who shows sportsmanship and citizenship on and off the ice and true enjoyment of the game.

Winner: Ethan King

Earl Alexander Award – Novice

Presented by FSJMHA to recognize the organizational work carried out by Earl Alexander in the early years of the association. This award is presented to a Novice player showing sportsmanship, leadership and true enjoyment of the game.

Winner: Eli James

Dale Palmer Award – Atom Recreation

Presented by FSJMHA to recognize the leadership provided by Dale Palmer over the years to many young players in the association. This award is presented to an Atom player who shows excellent leadership on and off the ice, as well as good sportsmanship and true enjoyment of the game.

Winner: Kash Salinas

Kinsmen Award – Atom Development

Presented by FSJMHA to recognize the leadership and generosity shown by the volunteers of the Kinsmen Club of Fort. St. John. This award is presented to an Atom player who shows excellent leadership on and off the ice, as well as good sportsmanship

Winner: Brooke Disher

Corey Lee James Schultz Memorial Award – Peewee Competitive

Presented on memory of Corey who passed away at the age of 14. Corey played hockey with heart and his own style of energized spirit. His sense of humor was shared and enjoyed by all. This award is presented to a Pee Wee player in our rep system who exemplifies this type of spirit toward the game, both on and off the ice.

Winner: Brophy Dunne

June Godberson Memorial Award – Peewee Recreation

Presented in memory of a very special person who believed in keen competition. She always felt people should be given the opportunity to excel in their sport showing sportsmanship, leadership abilities and true enjoyment of the game. This award is open to all Pee Wee players.

Winner: Lyndon Fell

Mike Brandmann Memorial award – Peewee Recreation or Competitive

Presented in Memory of Mike, who passed away at the age of twenty. Mike immigrated to Canada with his family in 1980. Hockey became the central focus of his life. Mike loved the game and worked hard to become the best player possible. Mike finished his hockey career as a member of the Midget Rep Team. This award is presented to a Pee Wee player who is dedicated to hard work and who displays a love for the game.

Winner: Nick Lacey

Bryan Phillips Memorial award – Bantam Recreation

Presented in memory of Bryan Phillips for sportsmanship, contribution to team play and pure enjoyment of the sport of hockey, not necessarily being the best player. Bantam house players only can qualify for this award.

Winner: Steven Schuler

Gary Flake Memorial Award – Bantam Competitive

Presented in memory of Gary Flake who was a member of our association and passed away at the age of 13. Gary was perfect example of the qualities we are looking for in the recipient of this award. Gary was a gentleman, sportsmanlike and good citizen in all aspects of his life. Players in the Bantam age group are eligible for this award.

Winner: Aiden Craig-Steele

MacLean Herron Award – Midget Recreation or Competitive

Presented in honour of Ross H. McLean and Braden Herron in recognition of their example of “Service About Self” in all aspects of the community. They sponsored the first Pee Wee Team in Fort St. John in the 1955-1956 season and supported all other junior sports. This Award is presented for athletic ability, scholastic performance and citizenship. Players in the midget age are group are eligible for this award.

Winner: Daniel Forest, and Brian Mannoly

Kenny Kosick Memorial Award – Midget Recreation or Competitive

Presented in memory of Kenny Kosick who passed away at the age of 18. Kenny started his hockey career with FSJMHA and represented the game as a true sportsman and leader. Players in the midget age group are eligible for this award on the basis of gentlemanly and sportsmanlike conduct.

Winner: Trail Acko

Fort St. John Eagles Women’s Hockey Team Most Dedicated Female Award

Presented to a female minor hockey player who displays dedication to the sport of hockey and consistent effort and sportsmanship.

Winner: Keagan Goulet

Kirschner Goal Tender Award

Presented to the goaltender showing sportsmanship, ability, participation and enthusiasm for the game. This award is open to all ages and can be chosen from team or division.

Winner: Nick Page

Referee of the Year Award

Presented to the referee that shows dedication, consistency and fairness to the game of hockey, and is a strong supporter of the minor hockey program. Referees of all ages are eligible for this award

Winner: Tim Rice

Coach of the Year Award

This award is presented to the coach who shows respect for officials, opponents and parents, and demonstrates concern for all round development of the players. Nomination is also based on the merits of enthusiasm, leadership and positive impact on players.

Winners: Cory Bird

Doug and Yvonne Wiles Recognition Award

Presented to an individual or sponsor who has dedicated his or her time to the betterment of our Minor Hockey Program and who has helped in the areas where his or her son or daughter is not involved. Those eligible for this award are sponsors, coaches, managers, executive members, referees or adults in any other capacity who have been strong supporters of Minor Hockey at all age levels for many years.

Winner: V.E. Brandl Ltd.

Hugo Brandmann Memorial Parent Volunteer Award

This award is presented in memory of Hugo Brandmann who loved our national sport and was always willing to volunteer his time for the benefit of our youth. This award recognizes the many hours that parents contribute to the Minor Hockey program where their child is involved to make that division or team an enjoyable and positive hockey experience.

Winner: Ron and Julia Bowie

Rotary Fair Play Award

The Rotary Fair Play Award is awarded to the pee wee house team who shows team spirit and sportsmanship.

Winner: Tom’s Construction

Esso Medals were awarded to three players on each team who have been chosen for his or her dedication, sportsmanship or skill improvement

Most Improved – Dominic Cappis
Most Dedicated – Parker Gibb
Most Sportsmanlike – Jackson Whitford

Most Improved – Lincoln Levers
Most Dedicated – Dane Dietz
Most Sportsmanlike – Parker Fenton

Northern Spring & Brake
Most Improved – Kinden Lock
Most Dedicated – Christian Van Rensburg
Most Sportsmanlike – Keynan Mardquart

Most Improved – Jaikaar Brar
Most Dedicated -Carver Lequiere
Most Sportsmanlike – Nate Forster

Most Improved – Kale Shead
Most Dedicated – Eli James
Most Sportsmanlike – Evan Baker

Most Improved – Logan Caven
Most Dedicated – Zachary Brownlee
Most Sportsmanlike – Dylan Derouin

Most Improved – Zane Marston
Most Dedicated – Kazen Parkhurst
Most Sportsmanlike – Brianna Wagner

Northern Metalic
Most Improved – Landon Taylor
Most Dedicated – Nathan Gibson
Most Sportsmanlike – Kennedy Punter

Most Improved – Austin Vanwyk
Most Dedicated – Nico D’Agostino
Most Sportsmanlike – Kane Pittam

Alpine Glass
Most Improved – Ethan French
Most Dedicated – Matthew Mitchell
Most Sportsmanlike – Kalen Hynes

Integra Tire
Most Improved – Julia Fochuk
Most Dedicated – Landon Alexander
Most Sportsmanlike – Ben Fisher

Tom’s Construction
Most Improved – Se McMenamin
Most Dedicated – Evan Ratcliffe
Most Sportsmanlike – Garrett Tetrault

Shoppers Drug Mart
Most Improved – AJ Bennett
Most Dedicated – Justin Garner
Most Sportsmanlike – Keegan Ostle

Most Improved – Tristan Hynes
Most Dedicated – Graham Wilkins
Most Sportsmanlike – Ethan Burgher

AAA Safety
Most Improved – Dylan Buziak
Most Dedicated – Lynden White
Most Sportsmanlike – Robert Wick

Canadian Tire
Most Improved – Mayeu Deboard
Most Dedicated -Anthony Garner
Most Sportsmanlike – Daevin Klassen

Most Improved – Jason Schaefer
Most Dedicated – Leo Rousselle
Most Sportsmanlike – Steven Schuler

Tarpon Energy Services
Most Improved – Rylan Ehlert
Most Dedicated – Juston Kewin
Most Sportsmanlike – Jarod Mannoly

Earl Alexander
Most Improved – Alexei Pollon
Most Dedicated – Nick Page
Most Sportsmanlike – Kyle Alberswoth

Pimm’s Production
Most Improved – Logan Osterlund
Most Dedicated – Caden Brown
Most Sportsmanlike – Ryan Bookham

Most Improved – Luka Van Rensburg
Most Dedicated – Kash Pittam
Most Sportsmanlike – Ethan Semeniuk

V.E Brandl
Most Improved – Devon Beebe
Most Dedicated – Hunter Brown
Most Sportsmanlike – James Kitney

Ross H. MacLean
Most Improved – Zachary Peters
Most Dedicated – Johnny Herrington
Most Sportsmanlike – Garrett Busche

Knights of Columbus
Most Improved – Jason Lee
Most Dedicated – Kolton Leslie
Most Sportsmanlike – Zury Reschke

Formula Powell
Most Improved – Zack Paradis
Most Dedicated – Lance Aylward
Most Sportsmanlike – Jason Ross

Petroleum Association
Most Improved – Nathan Bragg
Most Dedicated – James Ross
Most Sportsmanlike – Jason Andrews

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