“I really think that students should get back to nature and have the soil in their hands, and learn how to grow and plant their own food,” says Vice Principal of Duncan Cran Christine Todd. “We’ve been learning a lot about energy and our ecological footprint, and growing food locally or buying food locally and how that makes a difference in our energy use.”

Todd says this year’s project will be benefit more than just Duncan Cran if it’s fully completed.

“When we do activities and challenges like this, I like to think school-wide or community-wide just so it’s not affecting a small group of people,” Todd goes on to explain. “We as a school, we’re trying to decide what would be the most beneficial for the community – so that’s how we kind of got on this portable greenhouse idea.”

Todd hopes the portable greenhouse would be shared with different local schools – perhaps even for an entire year – as well as attending different community events like the Farmers’ Market. She’s also considering the idea of having small planters and a couple seeds given away to anybody who visits the greenhouse.

The portable greenhouse is only in its initial phase of conception, according to Todd.

“There are a couple ideas about where to actually get a physical school bus, and now it’s kind of ‘Do you have the money to backup what your project is?’” says Todd. “And then the next would be sitting down with the board office and developing it more because we don’t want it to be something that the board office has to be responsible for coming up with the money. We want it to be something that can kind of sustain itself and isn’t a burden on a particular group of people.”

This is the fourth year Duncan Cran is participating in the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge – a partnership between Shell Canada and Canadian Geographic. They so far have won the past three years.

Duncan Cran has 227 votes at the time of publication and hopes to garnish more so they can be accepted into the Top 10.

Follow this link to watch the video and vote.

Todd anticipates the winner will be announced sometime in mid-May.