One of the last wooden grain elevators in Fort St. John demolished

That’s as a result of another demolition earlier this month.

“It was an older building,” explains Kassian. “It needed too many repairs – it just cost way too much and it just wasn’t usable again.”

The demolition again raised questions about future service needs in this area, but there are no future plans for a more modern, larger capacity elevator.

“Some more storage and a bigger rail cart spot is what Fort St. John needs here, and that’s being talking about, but as of right now there’s no concrete plans in the making,” says Kassian.

Old wooden elevators are now an endangered species, but those who believe grain elevators are dinosaurs of the past, have obviously never been to Hutchinson, Kansas.

The Farmers Co-Op Commission has one there, which is more than a half mile in length with a capacity of over 17 million bushels.

As for the world’s tallest grain elevator, it was inaugurated in Germany about ten years ago in April of 2005 and its height is 115 meters with a listed capacity of 8,000 tons of grain.

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