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B.C. Supreme Court hears cases for Site C intervener statues

“The judge didn’t make a decision yesterday on any of them, and that probably won’t come down until Thursday – or possibly even later than that,” says PVLA president Ken Boon.

The three groups in court yesterday include the B.C. Public Interest Advocacy Centre, the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association and Amnesty International.

“I think the Canadian Geothermal lawyers; all they’re asking for is a half hour oral presentation,” explain Boon. “And I think the B.C. Public Interest Advocacy Centre, they’re asking for about 45 minutes [to present]. I can’t remember what Amnesty International [asked]; I think they’re very similar to that.”

“So we spent a whole day arguing over that.”

Boon says there’s “a narrow window” for an intervener status to be approved; whereas they can’t present the same information provided by petitioners, but by the same token, they can’t present too much new information either.

“In the case of the ratepayers group, they feel it’s important that they can be involved in it because they represent the lowest income groups in the province who can’t absorb further rate increases than what’s already scheduled,” Boon goes on to say. “And then of course, the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association; the case was made quite clear by the report brought forth by the joint review panel that alternatives were not looked at properly.”

“I think it would be very helpful on a case like this for these interveners to be heard.”

The judge, who will be responsible for hearing all of the Supreme Court cases, is expected to hand down a ruling in the next few days.

Site C – one of the province’s largest infrastructure projects tagged at $8.8 billion – is set to break ground in the summer.

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