Phone scammers continue targeting victims in Dawson Creek

“The caller convinces persons that they have won a substantial amount of money and need to send money via Western Union to cover the taxes or some related fee,” Cpl. Dave Tyreman writes.

Cpl. Tyreman says one of the most recent potential victims had identified the scam immediately, and when the suspect was advised that no money will be sent, a specific address in Dawson Creek was given for a cheque or money order to be sent.

“When police attended that address, they were able to determine that the elderly person residing at that residence was also a victim of the same scam,’ writes Cpl. Dave Tyreman.

Police are reminding residents if they receive calls informing them of a large prize and have not entered any related contest, it is most likely a scam.

As many of these scams originate overseas, anyone receiving these types of calls should contact phone busters at 1 888 654 9426.

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