Mayor Merlin Nichols says the $100,000 donation pushes the contribution total for the 6,500 sq ft facility to $600,000

“We are so pleased with TransCanada coming forward,” says Mayor Nichols. “We didn’t go and ask for these things. TransCanada came forward and said, ‘Hey, I’ve got a donation here I’d like to give you.’”

He says other voluntary donors include the PRRD, the Northern Development Initiative Trust, and other “major corporate donations from Chetwynd.”

“Chetwynd Forest Industries donated all the plywood and structural lumber.”

Like all the other jurisdictions in the Peace, Chetwynd is facing some serious medical service challenges, and Mayor Nichols says this clinic will join together the services of Northern Health and local doctors.

“They’ll complement one and other in the way they deliver healthcare services in Chetwynd, and it will be a huge advantage to the people seeking the care.”

He says one thing Chetwynd still needs to solidify their healthcare delivery is secured, long-term physicians.

“We are confident that is happening as we speak, that we are getting these people,” explains Mayor Nichols. “But to see them actually on the ground here in Chetwynd will be a huge relief to all of us.”

The new clinic is on time and on budget and plans call for it to be open by Mid-May.