The local school district got the fine print of the initiative announced in last month’s provincial budget late last week.

Superintendent Dave Sloan says the province is looking for savings of 0.6 per cent of the District 60 administrative budget – which he calls a significant number of dollars in the hundreds of thousands.

“We are certainly in a better position being a growing district,” says Sloan. “So obviously increased enrolment means increased revenue, but it also incurs increased costs [and an] increase in terms of how we allocate that; if we have more bodies, there’s more pressure on the space we have – we have to hire more teachers.”

Sloan adds, “Larger districts are going to be facing certainly a larger amount than mid-size, small districts. But at this point and time, I can tell you there’s going to be significant pressure on our budget.”

Sloan says cuts will probably come in the form of administrative and maintenance cost, but also says it’s too early in the game to confirm how the district will find these savings.

More is expected on this story come Tuesday following Monday night’s board meeting.