According to an article in the Chetwynd Echo, the Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce, who organizes the event, has $50,000 in sponsorships at this time of year.  They only have about $10,000.  A number of companies have said they won’t sponsor the event due to the change in the local and regional economy.

Each year the event costs roughly $86,000.  Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce Manager Tonia Richter told the Chetwynd Echo a decade of work on this event has put Chetwynd on the world map and the town feels it each June.

“We need the tourists for Chetwynd,” she said. “Our hotels are full with tourists that stay the whole week. We have people a year in advance booking reservations for the event. Our restaurants are full and the campgrounds are full. It’s thousands and thousands of dollars.”

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