The newly formed Friends of Slo-Pitch will be having a dance prior to the upcoming season. The group will be having the dance at the Charlie Lake Hall on May 9 with the proceeds going towards the Fort St. John Mixed Slow Pitch Society.

Shane Baker of the Friends of Slo-Pitch said the group consists of ball players past and present with the goal of making the society financially stable again.

“It’s just a group of us that played ball over the years,” he said. “Some of the guys and ladies have retired from playing slow pitch but we’re still friends and we decided to get together and try to organize this dance not only to get new softball players but old retirees that played the game for years to get friends out for a dance before the season starts.”

Tickets for the event are $30, or $50 for a pair. Free midnight snacks will be served, and there will be raffle and door prizes. There will be rides home available for those attending. The event will go from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m.

Those interested in tickets can get in touch with Baker by phone at 250-793-9127, or on Facebook.