Heartbreaking loss puts Huskies down 3-0 in NWJHL semi final

They were outplayed and outshot last night in game three of the NWJHL semi final but the Fort St. John Huskies were in it until the end last night against the North Peace Navigators. For the second time in three games the Huskies opened the scoring but a crushing power play goal against was the difference with 30 seconds left as the Huskies fell 4-3 and now trail the best of seven series 3-0.

After the game assistant coach Todd Alexander was honest about the mood of his team after enduring such a loss.

“For the most part there’s some guys in there that are ready to go but there are some that are learning,” said. “Maybe I have to go back to the drawing board with some of them and see if we can get through to them. At the end of the day that’s what the coach’s job is.”

Turnovers in the neutral zone and bad decisions with breakout passes continued to plague the team and made things easy for the Navigators when it came to generating offensive opportunities.

“When you’re going cross ice all night long they stack it up in the middle real well and pick those off you got three guys going in the wrong direction and you’re playing chase all night,” Alexander said. “What you’re seeing there is neutral zone turn overs and they do a real good job of transition and they attack you. It’s hard to play a chase mode all night.”

Travis McLean might have played his best game as a Husky last night in defeat. He stopped 52 of the 56 shots he faced in the game.

Scoring last night for Fort St. John was Cayle Bell, Jerome Thorne, and Shane Rutherford.

Game four of the series goes Monday at 8 p.m. at the North Peace Arena.

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