The Fort St. John Fire Department responded to a call of a shed on fire on a property on 96 Avenue between 84 and 82 Street. The shed was a loss and while a primary cause has yet to be determined, a hydro wire is being attributed as a secondary cause in the blaze.

Fire Chief Fred Burrows said fires near hydro wires can potentially create a secondary issue relating to a blaze as it did in this case.

“It was a garden shed attached to a garage. The garage sustained some minor damage. The shed was a loss. We believe that the hydro was a secondary issue around the fact that there was a fire. We haven’t determined the cause of the fire at this time. In many cases a hydro issue can errupt at a structure fire because all of the components of what’s supposed to happen with hydro is interfered with. The insulation starts melting and the wires come together and may or may not short out. In this case they stayed live for awhile.”

The home on the property sustained minor fire damage. No one was injured as a result of the situation.