His office is also the number one small market in Canada, as well as the number one small market worldwide.

“It’s the RE/MAX Annual International Award Convention and Banquette in Las Vegas,” says Bolin. “It’s a pretty big deal. There’s every single country [and] we’re in 53 different countries – 100,000 sales associates – and they gather in Las Vegas to be awarded for their hard work as individuals and as offices.”

RE/MAX has been part of the Fort St. John community since 1991, which according to Bolin has made the company “a strong part of the community.”

“It’s nice to see the companies that call Fort St. John home make it large on the national stage,” says Bolin. “I am extremely proud of what I’ve done and I’m extremely proud of my realtors and my company.”

Bolin got into the realty game at 19-years-old after running into a handful of RE/MAX realtors while working for Canadian Airlines – which since then has gone out-of-business.

“I never really thought about it, but then once I got into it I realized that I knew who every realtor was,” Bolin goes on to explain. “I knew even at a young age what the market was all about because I always had a passion for helping people and this gave me the passion to do well at helping people.”

Bolin’s son, 8-year-old Kayden, was at the ceremony helping his dad accept the awards, and at some point Bolin says he proclaimed that being an astronaut is still his first career choice, but realty has now become a close second.

“If he does well at being an astronaut then I guess I don’t need to worry about him being a realtor,” Bolin says in a joking tone. “But if not, watch out Fort St. John because there is another Bolin getting in the game.”

The RE/MAX Annual International Award Convention and Banquette was held March 1, 2015 – March 5, 2015 at the Mandalay Bay and was wrapped-up with a private concert from Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.