TORONTO — A Toronto police officer whose tweet about a mysterious tunnel found in the city went viral says he hopes the lighthearted appeal will stir up tips for investigators.

Staff Sgt. Chris Boddy drew international attention Tuesday with his tweet: “If you built a tunnel near Rexall Centre in #Toronto give us a call, k?”

The 24-year veteran of the Toronto police force says he thinks the message resonated with people because they “don’t expect to see that from a cop.”

Boddy says so far no one has stepped up to claim the tunnel but he hopes his tweet’s friendly tone will reassure whoever is responsible that it’s OK to come forward.

He says police have made it clear they have no indication of criminal activity related to the bunker found last month near a Pan Am Games venue near York University.

Investigators say they’re trying to determine who built the chamber, which has since been filled in, and why.