Some the elements to the early morning assembly include songs and dances preformed by the young students, acting-Mayor Bruce Christensen and Councillor Gord Klassen presenting the Pink Shirt Day proclamation, short videos on anti-bullying – some being student-made, and a big dance party to conclude it all.

Principal of Robert Ogilvie Kathy Schek says today’s assembly is important, but also says anti-bullying is theme that is played throughout the school year.

“We don’t just celebrate anti-bullying one day a year, we try to instil that through the students through virtues, and acts of kindness, and house-team activities throughout the year,” says Schek.

Schek says students of Robert Ogilvile are very self-aware and easily identify between a good citizen and a bully.

Morgan Mora, a 16-year-old North Peace Secondary student, presented her interpretive dance on anti-bullying at the assembly – which also speaks to her past experiences.

“When I was younger, I actually had a bunch of friends that were bullies and so I became a bully,” explains Mora. “Then I realized how it made other people feel and I knew it was wrong but it was really hard to change.”

Mora adds, “I did [change] and lost my friends in the process.”

Mora says losing her friends didn’t matter too much because she immediately began feeling like a better person.

That’s when she found interpretive dance a therapeutic release, and says she hasn’t turned back since.

Schek says the anti-bullying celebration will continue at Robert Ogilvie all day with classes watching different videos and reading different stories.