The Fort St. John Senior Flyers and the Spirit River Rangers have never been shy to show their dislike for one another and that rang true once again tonight. Game four at the North Peace Arena between the two clubs was a chippy affair, one that the Flyers were victorious in 5-3 as they once again evened up the best of seven set at two games a piece.

The Flyers came out strong with a solid opening 20 minutes as they took a 2-0 lead but seemed to lose their edge in the second as sloppy play plagued them throughout. Head coach Gerard Dicaire said while it wasn’t a pretty middle frame, a late goal helped redeem the team as they restored their two goal leading heading into the third.

“The second period wasn’t great for us,” he admitted. “We got away from chipping the pucks in and getting it in deep and forechecking and cycling them. We snuck that one to go up 3-1 with a minute left so I think we handled it fairly well.”

Making a big impact on the game was Adam Horst as he was back in the lineup after returning from a Crashed Ice event in Northern Ireland. Dicaire said it was great having him back with the club, especially as he contributed with two goals on the night.

“You always welcome with open arms when Horsty comes back in,” he said. “He’s in shape, he goes and does his Crashed Ice so you know he’s not hurting, you know he’s not going to be slow out there. Him and Robbie [Sidhu] and Shippy [Jeff Shipton] were playing together before he left so there was a little bit of chemistry and he would also bounce in between [Shawn] Holliday and [Dylan] Wellard ┬áso it gives us that much more depth which you need in playoffs.”

The game was full of hits, as well as extra curricular activity after the whistle especially in the third period. While the Rangers tried to physically intimidate the Flyers, big defenceman Tyler Loney was there to step in and restore order when needed.

“I think they’re just a bunch of sore losers to be honest with you,” Dicaire said bluntly. “They don’t like losing; nobody does but they get extra pouty when they lose and they aren’t use to it. They’re not use to playing through adversity. They’re use to just dominating people and people being scared of them. When Lones [Tyler Loney] is in the lineup our team grows six inches and he helps everything out.”

Scoring in order for the Flyers were Adam Horst, Kyle Leahy, Adam Horst, Jeff Fast, and Joey Massingham.

Game five of the series goes Thursday night in Spirit River, and the teams will do up game six the following night in Fort St. John at the North Peace Arena at 8:30.