“B.C. Hydro will be making improvements to its system to help ensure you receive more reliable service in the future,” the crown corporation explain of its reasoning.

The outage is expected to last one hour, and is said to ensure the safety of work crews during the upgrade.

Here is a list of the areas the outage will affect:
• Charlie Lake
• Alaska Highway from north of Fort St John to Mile 65
• Highway 29 from Alaska Highway junction west to Cache Creek
• Area bounded by North side of Alaska Highway, 92A Street and 93 Avenue
• Area bounded by Alaska Highway, 100 Street South and 85th Avenue
• Area bounded by 100 Street, West Bypass Road, 109 Avenue and 101 Avenue
• Area bounded by 114A Avenue, 109 Avenue, West Bypass Road, 102 Street
• 269 Road and all side roads north and south of Alaska Highway
• 242 Road and all side roads
• 271 Road and all side roads south of 244 Road
• 271 Road and all side roads west of 269 Road

The maintenance work will commence on Sunday March 1, 2015 – between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.