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Huskies forward cuts hair for a great cause

When Kody Disher first laced up the skates for the Fort St. John Huskies this season it was hard to miss him. The Huskies forward had some say they should put a 68 on his jersey as a tribute to Jaromir Jagr for his appearance but as it turns out it was for a great cause as Disher was growing out his hair to support 360 Hair for Kids, which creates wigs for young cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

Disher got himself a buzz cut after after winning a Junior B crown in a league in the southern part of the province, and it was quite a lengthy wait to get his hair to the necessary length to cut it off.

“I started growing my hair out after the year we won the KI [Kootenay International Junior Hockey League] I cut my hair buzz cut and that was a year and a half ago,” he said. “Ever since I started it was to donate it to cancer. I just wanted to get it long enough to donate it for someone that could use it more than me.”

The idea to donate his hair came from sympathizing for young children who have to battle cancer, and hoping that donating his hair would give them one less thing to worry about as they are already dealing with a lot of stress from their respective situations.

“I just see the kids going through a hard enough time at a young age and some don’t know what’s going on,” Disher explained. “The last thing they need is to be embarrassed because they don’t have any hair. It goes back to why not donate it.”

The cut itself was a feel good moment for Disher who says the experience is something he could see himself doing again in the future.

“It was pretty funny because they went to wash my hair and it just wasn’t there any more,” he stated. “They put it into braids, like pigtail braids [before the cut] and I thought ‘that’s a new look’ and then they snipped them off. I could see myself doing it again; it’s rewarding. I hope it goes to someone that needs it more than I do.”

On the ice Disher and the Huskies will open the second round of the NWJHL playoffs on Saturday night in Peace River against the Navigators.

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