“A northbound semi was attempting to pull into the break check at the south-side of the Sikanni Chief,” Cpl. Tim Paulmert with the Integrated Road Safety Unit explains of the poor road conditions. “A pick-up truck didn’t realize what was going on and didn’t see the truck pulling off or slowing down, and the pick-up just ran into the back of the semi.”

Cpl. Paulmert says the collision resulted in minor injuries for both drivers.

Cpl. Paulmert also says this was one of a few accidents today on the Alaska Highway, going on to describe a near-miss encounter of his own.

“I was at a crash on Mile 113, stopped on the side of the highway, and as some other southbound vehicles were approaching and slowing down – mainly semis – pick-up trucks we following too close behind them, last second saw they were slowing right down…and missed my police car by literally an inch and went into a ditch,” says Cpl. Paulmert.

Police are reminding residence to slow down and increase their following distance when road conditions are as poor as they’ve been over the past week.