“Proposed changes to the Wildlife Allocation Policy are inconsistent with standard practices in other jurisdictions across Canada and in the United States,” President of the B.C. Wildlife Federation, George Wilson previously said in a written statement. “There is no justification for these changes and they are not supported by B.C.’s resident hunters.”

These changes mentioned would give foreign hunters up to 40 per cent of specific game such as mountain sheep, goat and bear, and up to 25 per cent of moose and elk. This is in comparison to the 5 – 10 per cent often found to be allocated to foreign hunter across North America.

The Guide Outfitters of B.C. says contrary to popular belief, they “don’t think there will be any loss of opportunity in the north” for resident hunters.

“Of the 17,000-ish LEH – so those are the draws – and again, only grizzly bears in the north, this is potentially a loss of about 600 – so about a 3.5 per cent loss,” explained Scott Ellis, the executive director for the Guide Outfitters of B.C. “So what see, really around the province, is no significant impact whatsoever to resident hunter opportunity.”

This has been an issue in B.C. for nearly 15 years, with meeting continuously being held between the Wildlife Federation and the Guide Outfitters – using Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Steve Thomson as a mediator.

After years of trying to produce a mutually beneficial agreement, Minister Thomson made the decision for them – which has now raised the concern of various organizations about the possible decrease in local hunting permits and an increase for outfitters.

The presentation is being held at the Pomeroy Hotel – located on 11308 Alaska Road – Tuesday January 27, 2015, beginning at 7:00 p.m.