A former fan favourite of Vancouver Canucks fans will be attending the Crystal Cup. Dave Babych played seven seasons for the squad, and will be making his second appearance at the event in the last three years.

Being on the lake for hockey two years back reminded of Babych of his time playing on the lake at his home when he was a youngster in Edmonton, so the decision to come back to the event was an easy one.

“A couple of years ago I wasn’t sure what to expect. I grew up in Edmonton playing on outdoor rinks and we had a farm and once in awhile you got a chance to go play on the lake but it had been awhile since I did that,” Babych explained. “It was a blast; I couldn’t believe the set up they had there. The weather was beautiful. It was a little crisp out there but it was sunny and really well done. I enjoyed myself.”

Among the things Babych will be doing at the Crystal Cup includes being involved with the children’s portion of the event. He will also be going on a helicopter ride with two lucky winners to be determined by a draw. Giving back to young ones wherever he played was something that was important to him throughout his playing days and he’s happy to be able to continue doing that.

“Even when you’re playing the team always had generic charities that you did but you always were involved in your own,” he said. “I was involved in Child Foundation and now Athletics for Kids where I’m a director. It’s something where kids need a boost too. If me showing up helps one kid or people donate money or whatever it might be, then great. It’s just part of living, helping out where you can.”

The registration deadline for the Crystal Cup is next Friday. The fee to enter is $200 per team. Forms can be picked up, and dropped off at the North Peace Leisure Pool.