“The regional district is right now engaged in negotiations with B.C. Hydro, and we are hoping that they will confirm to us that they’re going to incorporate our concerns into their negotiations,” says organizer of Site C community meetings Jared Giesbrecht.

Giesbrecht says there are two primary concerns of his community.

“We have had no guarantees from B.C. Hydro that the thing’s not going to breach, and our family and lands won’t be flooded,” Giesbrecht explains. “So that’s the number one issue; the safety and security of our families down there.”

The second concern surrounds the potential 2,000 person work camp anticipated to be built next to Old Fort.

“Traffic is a big concern,” Giesbrencht goes on to say. “There are no shoulders on that road; it’s very narrow and winding, and there’s going to be all kinds of construction traffic down there. It’s going to make it very unsafe.”

Geisbrencht says his community is also concerned with the accompanying dust, noise, lights and other elements of construction that “impact the use and enjoyment of that property down there.”

Old Fort is located approximately 8,000 feet below the area of the Peace River in which Site C is being built.

“Our hope is that the PRRD will stand up for the Old Fort residents who are being ignored by B.C. Hydro and the B.C. government,” a distributed press release quotes Giesbrecht as saying. “After them, we have nowhere else to turn but the courts.”