TORONTO — Premier Kathleen Wynne says she would not attend any of the Bill Cosby shows in Ontario this week because of the many allegations of sexual assault the comedian is facing.

The 77-year-old Cosby is set to perform in Kitchener on Wednesday night, London on Thursday and in Hamilton this Friday.

Wynne says there are very serious allegations against Cosby and she would not go to any of his performances until they are sorted out.

A number of women have come forward with allegations that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them, with some accusations dating back to the 1970s.

He has never been criminally charged in connection with the accusations, and his lawyer has denied many of them.

Cosby faced the cancellation or postponement of at least 10 shows on his current tour because of the scandal, but his appearances in the three Ontario cities will proceed, despite local opposition.

A Kitchener group called Voices Carry has organized an alternative event to raise awareness of sexual assault at the same time as Cosby’s show in the city.

The venues where Cosby will perform say they have contractual obligations to allow the shows to continue.