SASKATOON — Sentencing has been postponed for a Saskatchewan man who admits he killed an officer who was redirecting traffic after a highway accident.

Blaine Thomas Taypotat (TAY’-poh-tat) was to face a sentencing hearing in court today in the death of Justin Knackstedt (kuh-NAK’-sted).

But the defence requested that Taypotat be allowed to participate in a restorative justice process first.

The approach is more in line with traditional aboriginal justice, focuses on healing for victims and offenders and often leads to reduced or no jail time.

Knackstedt, who was 23, was a conservation officer and was run over after he stopped to help following a crash near Saskatoon in May 2013.

Taypotat pleaded guilty in December to manslaughter and impaired driving causing death.

The new sentencing date is April 8.