The board also includes the following people:

  • Vice Chair: Karen Mason-Bennett
  • Treasurer: Melissa Paakkonen
  • Minutes Secretary: Tony Atkins
  • Communications Secretary: Sabrina Brooks
  • Directors: Paul Milne, Natasha Horseman, Tanya Shymko, Mike Kroecher, Nakib Ahmed, Margaret Mae, Heather Truscott

It was also announced that Bettyanne Hampton, the Centres Executive Director would be stepping down.

In a statement after the meeting, Hampton said “I have wholeheartedly enjoyed the unique challenges and exciting triumphs of northern working and living, and have been truly inspired by the talent and diversity of those I’ve  worked and played with during my time here.  I want to thank you for your contribution towards the growth and success of the North Peace Cultural Centre and our arts and cultural community that it serves. It has been a joy to work with you and I take many wonderful memories with me.”

In July of this year, the Society went before Fort St. John City Council asking for financial support after running a deficit of over $75,000 in 2013.  At that time, Society Treasurer Peter Stringer said to Council, “This past year we were faced with significant, unexpected expenses which impacted our ability to operate as expected by the community.”

Council has not yet responded to this request and at last word was working with the Society to see if they would help fund the shortfall.