“At peak construction, there could be as many as 10,000 people in the region, and so certainly that’s going to be a drain on the community as well,” says MLA Pimm. “…This is a big piece the province is going to have to look at; we’re going to have to look at policing, we’re going to have to look for new doctors.”

MLA Pimm says these concerns are anything but new, and goes on to explain the progress to date and predictions moving into the near future.

“As you know, I’ve struck a committee looking at the doctors right now,” says MLA Pimm “We’ve been meeting every week for the last, I think five – six weeks, and we’re starting to see some progress there.”

MLA Pimm adds, “I work with School District 60, and I work with the communities as well, and so we’re all talking from the same sort of position when we’re talking to ministries, and I think we’re going to see some movement on that in the near future, but I cant comment too much because that’s negotiations that are going on.”

“Schools are built in areas of need and Peace River North is an area of need.”

MLA Pimm has also recently announced the allocation of $20 million from the province to the Peace region’s agricultural industry – as well as the possibility of forming a Peace Country Liaison Committee – all of which pose the potential of offsetting any negative affects of this anticipated growth for the city, and to a larger extent, the entire Peace.