City Manager Dianne Hunter did clarify to Council that technically speaking the fees would not be waived but instead paid for by the City through taxes.

“When there’s a request to waive fees such as building permits, plumbing permits, or development cost charges, it’s not a waiving of the fees,” she explained. “You need to fund it in your budget the cost for those fees so they need to be raised through the tax base and you pay them on behalf of the organization.”

The project of renovating the project is estimated at $1,900,000. Money will be raised through mortgage as well as fundraising. Four additional rooms will be created in the renovations on top of the existing 26 units.

Apartments three and four are under the same roof. The care home is a two building facility that’s joined and was gifted to the NPSHS in July of 2012. Building three was recently renovated and opened in November of last year.

A report will now come from City staff on the costs of the request and will be forwarded to Council upon its completion for a decision.