Author of the book, entitled Before the Dawn, and Fort St. John resident Janet McNaughton explains the story behind a premise set in a fantasy world called Terrain, “populated with mythical creatures and human-like Terrainians,”

“It’s a fantasy about a boy who is transported from this world to another, and through that world he gains much more confidence,” McNaughton explains of an introverted fictional boy who becomes a leader through a variety of transformational experiences. “…He ends up fighting for the Terrainians against a menace that they have, called the Overseers.”

As earlier mentioned, the book was originally shelved for years; however McNaughton speaks of a little voice that became a driving force – the voice of a child nephew to be exact.

“I had no idea that my sister still had a copy of the book, and [her son] was kind of a catalyst to get me to do it because she told me that he had read it over and over again, and said that he absolutely loved it.”

In a fantasy world filled with magical powers, McNaughton says there are hints of real world experiences.

“I do use just common and everyday reactions and normal things that teenagers would – normal angst – normal problems that they would have.”

McNaughton is already writing the second part of the series which will take place on earth, and working on the final part – slated for the Overseers’ world.

“[I’ve] also written the beginning of another trilogy and that one is going to be going through the self-publishing process as well, so it’s going to be available probably in six months.”

You can purchase a copy of Before the Dawn through friesenpress.comGoogle Play Amazon Kindle, and Kobo.

Keep your ears and eyes open for a booking signing tour as well, which McNaughton says will be announced sometime after December 15, with stops already scheduled for the North Peace Cultural Centre’s Art Gallery and Headspace in Fort St. John.