Albrecht is coaching in Vancouver and will be moving to Fort St. John for the new job. He has 12 years of coaching experience under his belt, and has participated in over 25 MMA bouts as an amateur and professional. He’s a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and he is the reigning Fivestar Fight League Featherweight Champion.

He’s coming over from West Coast Martial Arts and is happy to make the move to Fort St. John to join the coaching staff, and hopes to make a significant impact on those who train at the facility.

“I’m really excited to get up there after my fight in January, it’s like I’m moving from one family to another. Fivestar has always been like a second home for me and I’m excited to join such an awesome family in Fort St. John,” he explained. “With my coaching experience along with all the other great coaches on staff and guys like Mitch Clarke from the UFC coming up and helping out, Fivestar is definitely going to be the place to train MMA, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and kickboxing in northern B.C. and the Peace region.”

Landing Albrecht is a big move for Fivestar owner Justin Donally as West Coast Martial Arts is one of the biggest teams in all of Canada.

“We’ve been affiliated with the West Coast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program for a couple of years,” Donally said. “We’ve been bringing up Professor Don Whitefield, he’s the head instructor there, and Shawn’s been the one that’s been the head of the MMA program for the last five or six years. As it turned out he was just looking to make a change. The opportunity presented itself and we made him an offer to work here.”

He continued by saying adding Albrecht opens doors for Fivestar to get out in the community more, and offers more options for classes given his diversity as a teacher, and when he’ll be at the gym.

“It’s going to take us to a completely different level,” Donally stated. “Most of the coaches here also have jobs and they volunteer their time. The move all allow the gym to add morning and afternoon classes as the large majority of the services offered by Fivestar are held in the evening. We can almost double the size of our programs now and get out to the schools a little more and things like that. It’s going to change the whole complex of everything here. We’ll be able to offer so much more.”

An exact date on Albrecht’s start with Fivestar is expected in the coming weeks.