“The building bylaw emulates Building Bylaw No. 1189, 1995,” Outgoing Director of Electoral Area C, Arthur Hadland said in a written statement. “It is the same as the one that was in place for the past 25 years, the area covered remains the same.”

A majority of the new bylaw is “minor administrative and legislative changes” that were based on legal review, later presented at three public meetings. During these meetings, community residents made recommendations, such as including the definition and application form of “farm buildings” as a part of the new building bylaw which has now been officially incorporated.

“Building Bylaw No. 1996, 2011 is now repealed however there is a transition provision that allows for all permits previously issued under Bylaw 1996 to be administered under that bylaw until the project is completed or the permit expires,” a media release reads.

Building inspection is now mandatory with a specified area, with permit fees and processes as they were before Bylaw No. 1996.

The PRRD Board has also approved a building bylaw referendum to be discussed in a further report sometime in November of 2015.

“If a referendum is held it will be non-binding as it is a regulatory bylaw for which there is no authority to hold a binding referendum,” the media release concludes.

The objective of a referendum, according to the PRRD, is to gage the opinion of the electoral community members regarding the PRRD building inspection service and bring the results back to the board for further discussion.