While satisfied in being re-elected as mayor, Streeper knows there is a tall task in front of him over the next four years involving the economy and meeting the needs of the Fort Nelson community.

“I’m happy over it. I had a lot of workers on this. It was a hard fought campaign. I had a councillor that was a pretty good councillor and there was some issues back and forth and she decided to run and challenge. It wasn’t easy but we were successful,” he explained. “My priorities right now for the next term are to try and kick start the economy here and working with the oil companies. Hopefully we’re going to have LNG. Pursuing the forest industry and pursuing a maternity ward is going to be a long hard battle. Both of these are not going to happen instantly but we’re going to work on them the best we can.”

The two biggest issues pertain to the maternity ward and the forest industry. There are a number of issues on both subjects that need to be tackled.

“The maternity ward, the main thing is trying to find a dual doctor. One that’s willing to work as a GP that also is a surgeon or obstetrician. Most doctors just want to be an obstetrician, they don’t want to be a GP,” Streeper said. “Forestry we’ve got a lot of challenges. For one their location and where they’re going to be. We have to be sure that CN Rail is still going to be here. There’s a labour issue; there’s no one here in the forest industry now.”

The election results for Fort Nelson are listed below:

Mayor Candidates

Bill Streeper – 840 votes

Kim Eglinski – 700

Councillor Candidates

Danny Soles – 1145

Laurie Dolan – 1083

Kyle Andrews – 1077

Todd Osbourne – 927

Doug McKee – 868

Lorraine Gerwing – 865

Nathan Bauder – 586

Skip Hall – 500