Montney Community Hall may become a thing of the past

“At a fundamental level it is a lack of dedicated volunteers,” President of the Montney Community Association, Aaron Krafczyk said. “However B.C.’s liquor laws regarding special events lack common sense, and to comply with them fully creates a lot more work for the few volunteers that we have.”

Krafczyk adds,”On another level, complying fully with the liquor laws directly eliminates a major source of revenue for the hall.”

Krafczyk says a renewed group of volunteer has the potential of creating solutions to the hall’s problem.

“We need to have local volunteers with a reasonable level of dedication,” Krafczyk goes on to say. “We also need some new ideas to generate income while following liquor laws. It would be nice if local politicians would go to bat for us regarding the ridiculous special event laws.”

In an effort to rally the troop, the Montney Community Hall is hosting a final meeting in a last-ditch effort to mitigate this threat of closure on November 26.

“The purpose of the meeting is to give a voice to the community.”

“…It’s their chance to step up to the plate. The time for talk is over; it’s time to take action.”

Krafczyk concludes by explaining the important role the hall has played within the Montney community.

A community is like a family of families and a local hall is like the family room,” Krafczyk said. “…Without it, the community is just a highway with a bunch of farms.”

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