Police attended the scene and evacuated the premises. They searched the property and immediate vicinity but nothing suspicious was found. As police were still on site the individual called again and an officer took the call, posing as an employee. After the suspect male re-stated his demands, the officer revealed his identity and the suspect hung up. A trace revealed it was a “spoof” number from an APP on a cell phone, and not traceable as a result.

On November 12 a similar call was placed to the Ucluelet Co-op. Police also determined the call was a scam and the threat was unfounded.

In a release Corporal Jodi Shelkie said, ““This is a common scam in the lower mainland. The scammers always demand gift cards or prepaid VISA cards. Sometimes they say they will detonate a bomb if not paid immediately. Sometimes they claim to be with Revenue Canada or other institution and say that the person owes money and must pay with prepaid VISA cards.”

RCMP is advising the public never to buy gift cards and supply the number on the back of the card to anyone asking them to do so.