Local Site C opposition serves second review application

The twice-shelved Site C project received federal and provincial environmental approval in October, but last week, the association launched a judicial review of the Provincial Environmental Assessment Certificate granted to B.C. Hydro.

In this new application it again contends that despite federal environmental approval the dam is not yet justified, and, “Landowners in the Peace Valley, B.C. ratepayers, and B.C. taxpayers cannot be expected to bear the substantial cost and adverse environmental impacts of the project.”

The association argues justification must rest on an unambiguous need for the power, but that need has not been established.

It also believes justification must rest on analysis showing the financial costs being sufficiently attractive to make tolerable the bearing of substantial environmental, social and other costs, and that has not been sufficiently established.

Among other things, it also notes the federal/provincial Joint Review Panel found that when additional power is eventually needed in B.C., alternative power sources may be available, which are less environmentally damaging, and/or economically costly than the Site C Dam.

The B.C. Cabinet is currently meeting in camera to decide whether to give the Site C dam project its final approval but that decision is now not expected until sometime next month.

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