President of Pomeroy Lodging Ryan Pomeroy said that the addition of live gaming tables further enhances the experience of playing at Chances.

“It concludes the full casino experience. We were offered electronic tables, slot machines, and bingo games in the past and I think this brings a full gaming entertainment experience to the community. It’s a product several people enjoy and we’re happy to bring it to the community.” he stated.

He concluded by stating on to say that it’s been a process to get Chances where it is now from when it first opened but the demand was there to support the change.

“It was a unique situation wherein we opened as a gaming centre and added the live tables. Typically live tables are only in casinos so I think first and foremost we needed to prove support from the market and the patrons that visit the facility but also support from the City and the lottery corporation. It took a period of time. We’ve been open for seven years now but we’ve built along the way.” Pomeroy concluded.