Police say after Cpl. Cirillo was shot dead, the gunman ran into the Centre Block, firing as many as 30 more shots and injuring a security guard before he was reportedly shot dead by Parliament’s sergeant at arms.

Kevin Vickers, a 29-year veteran of the RCMP, is said to have gunned down the suspect inside the Parliamentary building.

His role is normally symbolic, but today he’s emerging as a hero by friends and family alike, particularly his brother John in Victoria B.C., who’s describing his brother as a “super cop.”

Meanwhile, in a rare show of cross-partisanship, Prime Minister Stephan Harper, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Tom Mulcair have all reportedly been in contact with each other as the entire nation remains at a standstill.

Oddly, none of the three leaders have yet spoken publicly about the incident.

Harper’s spokesman says the Prime Minister has been briefed by security officials at a location away from Parliament Hill and is expected to make a statement sometime today.

President Barack Obama has publicly condemned today’s attack, and says he’s proud of those working to protect Canadians and Americans from such threats.

Here in Fort St. John, events and meetings for the local Cadets have been placed on hold until at least Oct 27 as a result of today’s attack in Ottawa.

With files from The Canadian Press