“Since the Fort Hotel burned down, this land has been waiting patiently to rise from the ashes,” Economic Development Officer, Moira Green said in a written statement. “In the spring of 2013, the city issued an RFP for its redevelopment. Unfortunately that process did not yield the results that council has hoped for.”

Green adds, “The Energize Downtown project recognized the importance of this property, and the revitalization plan that will be delivered in the spring of 2015 will be key in determining the best use for it.”

On May 2, 2009, a fire swept through the old Fort Hotel, destroying the iconic downtown landmark forever, which led to the City of Fort St. John acquiring the vacant lot.

According to reports dating back to March of 2013, the development of this property was intended to be a foundation to build future developments around, and be an example of the use and design the city would like to see in other nearby sites.

Some of the goals included retail spaces at street level and residential above, and the incorporation of a pedestrian plaza, with room for sidewalk or patio cafes and small events.

However, as indicated above, the city has yet to find a developer fitting their vision and goals.