“The community just really got together, voted, and got us into round two,” President of the North Peace Family Superpark, Jaandi Roemer said.

Roemer says the next step is making it into round three, which she hopes to achieve by getting as many votes as possible and bringing the project to the public’s attention.

“If we qualify from there, then it goes into round three, judges get involved, and it gets a little more intense as people get cut off,” Roemer explains.

Roemer says while the actual construction of the indoor park has yet to make new headway, they’ve been flooded by donations from community members.

“We also have a lot of fundraisers going on; the Fall Carnival here this weekend actually and then the Masquerade Ball is March,” Roemer said.

Don’t forget to vote everyday here, ensuring the North Peace Super Park remains relevant within the competition.

“Once you vote, then you wait until after midnight and you can vote again.”

Roemer adds, “You can do like what I do and sign up your husband, and your kids, and whoever has an email account; just click away [and] get those votes in.”

The deadline for round two of the competition ends November 2nd.

The grand prize is $150,000 towards a new indoor park.