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The Morning Star: Fort St. John local arrested and charged in Vernon

Late Saturday night, officers pulled over a Doge Dakota on the east end of the 4600 block of 27 Avenue.

“The plates had been reported stolen out of Fort St. John,” RCMP spokesperson, Gord Molendyk told the Morning Star.

It turns out that the 25 year-old Fort St. John suspect apparently owned the truck, but while he was being arrested for the possession of stolen property, officers on scene noticed the scent of liquor on his breath.

The suspect failed a breathalyzer test, which led to the discovery that he had a Criminal Code conviction for impaired driving from 2012, and that he doesn’t hold a valid driver’s license.

The driver also failed to provide a license to possess and acquire the sawed-off shotgun and rifle officers found while searching the car.

 “There’s no report that they were stolen but a sawed-off shotgun can fall into the prohibited category depending on how it is sawed off,” Molendyk went on to explain to the Morning Star.

The vehicle was impounded and the license plates were seized.

The suspect is charged with having no license, no insurance and the wrong numbered plate. He was also served suspension notices and a notice to seek greater punishment because of previous impaired driving offences and four firearm offences.

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